When it comes to the twin topics of rage and city buses, we hear a lot about irate passengers and not much about the drivers themselves losing it. Because when a bus driver loses it, they apparently do so in spectacular fashion. Like 35-year-old driver Manuel Zeas, who according to the Daily News got so angry at a slow-driving cab last week that he left his bus to spew obscenities at the driver. "It was like Birmingham in the 1950s," recalled a passenger in the cab, whom the bus driver allegedly spat on. "I thought something like that would never happen in New York City."

The incident is said to have occurred on Friday night as Zeas was driving an off-duty bus north. At Houston street he started tailing a cab driven by Omar Abraham, a Ghanese immigrant, and apparently didn't like the hack's speed. "He was driving recklessly, tailgating me bumper to bumper," Abraham told the tabloid.

Finally, in the mid 50s, Zeas allegedly pulled his bus beside the cab and began berating the driver.

Zeas yelled, “Learn to drive,” the backseat passenger, an advertising exec, told The News.
“He then said the N-word at least a dozen times. It was really visceral and disgusting,” said the passenger, who asked that her name be withheld because she’s afraid of the “unhinged” man.

Zeas, who has been working with the MTA since 2006, has been suspended without pay pending an investigation. But in the meantime MTA CEO Joe Lhota says "his actions are unconscionable." After all, this isn't Sicily.