Officials are investigating allegations that a Bronx high school principal has repeatedly harassed teachers by talking about his penis. At least two female teachers have filed complaints about Bronxdale High School principal John Chase Jr., and one even filed a harassment report with the local police precinct because he, in the words of the Post, "proudly prattled about putting his Peter into school office orifices." As one angry staffer told them, “The fact that he’s still in the building is absurd. He keeps talking about his dick.”

According to a Sept. 19 police report, Chase allegedly told one school staff member, “We have a fancy copy machine that does all sorts of things. It even has a hole to stick your dick in for a blow job." In addition, Chase allegedly talked about a hole in the wall—left behind by phone repairmen—with great enthusiasm, because he said it meant he could shove his member into it whenever he wanted. He also allegedly made other sexually explicit remarks to staff.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education said that its internal Office of Equal Employment was investigating one allegation of misconduct against Chase, who was hired as a science teacher in Brooklyn in 2006. He was a teacher and assistant principal at Brooklyn Academy for Conservation and the Environment before he was appointed interim acting principal at Bronxdale HS in July.