2008_11_dwr.jpgThe Post reports that the Upper West Side woman accused of running a multi-millionaire consumer fraud scam is worth at least $100 million, "with $6.5 million of it liquid." Federal prosecutors, who say Dina Wein-Reis would buy discounted products from Fortune 500, claiming they would be given away to the needy but actually sold them to retailers for big profits, think she's a flight risk, given her art collection worth $35 million, seven homes, "dozens of bank accounts and a missing, expiring passport." However, the judge allowed her family to post $10 million bail for Wein-Reis: Her husband had begged the judge to let her go, because their "three boys... are falling apart by the day" and a Whitney Museum curator said, "I have always regarded Dina as a person who cared about others." It's unclear if the feds had testimony from her former employees, one of whom claims she "treated people like crap."