2008_10_w75.jpgThe Post spoke to a former employee of the Upper West Side resident accused of swindling Fortune 500 companies out of millions. The Department of Justice claims that Dina Wein-Reis and others would buy products, from contact lens and snacks to diabetes equipment and laundry detergent, at lower prices, claiming they'd be given out as promotions but actually sold them at higher prices to retailers like Walgreen's--raking in millions. The former employee said, "She treated people like crap, so she ended up going through staff very quickly,. She was very nasty to people and slow to pay... She was a good businesswoman, but she really just used her good looks to swindle people. She was very shrewd." Wein-Reis is being held without bail; the DOJ has asked that her and husband's West 75th Street and Riverside Drive mansion, full of millions of dollars worth of art, be seized.