While questions are swirling about whether Tiger Woods paid off his alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel to cancel her press conference (maybe, maybe not), the Post speaks with the father of the woman's dead fiancee.

Rachel Uchitel had been on the cover of the Post after September 11, 2001, holding a photograph of her missing fiancee Andy O'Grady, who worked in the World Trade Center; his father James says, "She was a different person then... The last time I saw [Uchitel] was at the burial of my son -- she's not the person she appears to be now. She wasn't trying to be in the papers [back then]. Maybe 9/11 had an impact on her and this is how she's dealing with that."

Which is sort of what Uchitel's mother told Newsday earlier this week. At any rate, O'Grady, who said he lost touch with Uchitel, also took a shot at the tabloid coverage, "He [Andy O’Grady] loved her... I don’t really know anything about her [now]. You’re the ones who keep writing her up. You made her what she is, a media personality." But her grandfather girlfriend (!!) says, "This is the kind of attention that she craves" while a friend of the NYC nightclub hostess adds, "She was very aggressive working in the clubs. She was always hustling, working with the celebrities. She's got a big agenda."

The tabloids say Uchitel sparked a fight between Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren (Woods and Uchitel may have been texting each other)—a fight that turned public when Woods crashed his car onto his Florida street last week. TMZ claims that Woods' childhood friend flew Uchitel to Melbourne, Australia to be with the superstar athlete. As for rumors of a pay off to keep quiet, even the daughter of Uchitel's celebrity attorney Gloria Allred thinks there was hush money involved.