Alleged subway sodomy victim Michael Mineo worries his case will end with a hung jury. Already, he says he’s scared to “go out.” Jurors for his case have proved hard to handle—some didn’t understand what constituted “reasonable doubt” and one was booted after she told the group he’d heard one of Mineo’s accused assailants had prior convictions for police brutality. According to the Daily News, Mineo aired his fears at Rev. Al Sharpton’s rally yesterday and got support from the minister/talk show host.

Sharpton called the defense in the case "an insult. "I hope the jury in Brooklyn weighs the crime done to Michael Mineo and not the distractions," he said. "They are trying to justify what I would consider the unjustifiable." One cop, Officer Richard Kern, is charged with aggravated sexual assault with a police baton during Mineo’s 2008 marijuana arrest at the Prospect Park subway station. Two other officers are charged with attempting to cover up the incident.