Conrado Aleman, 82, was arrested on Friday for allegedly groping two women, the sixth time in two years, reports the NY Daily News. He was charged with two counts of forcible touching and sexual abuse, but when the paper spoke to him, he insisted he was set up: “The two women were working together. I was only standing there on the train at 42nd St. and she backed into me. She looked at the other woman as if to say OK.”

The two women reported Aleman to the police at the 96th Street station, both charged that he rubbed up against them, one at the 42nd Street station Friday around 6 p.m., and the other at the 72nd Street station about six minutes later, according to the police. On June 8th, he was arrested for grinding against a woman on a crowded 1 train approaching West 72nd and Broadway. He was also caught doing the same thing on April 4th to a woman on the 1 train on the Upper West Side.

This most recent arrest is his sixth in two years, all related to subway grinding. “I’m 82 and married to my wife for over 30 years,” Aleman told the Daily News. “What would I want with those little girls? I have my wife.”

According to his lawyer, Aleman has dementia and failing memory.

Reports of subway sex crimes have been rising in part because more women feel empowered to report them—and the NYPD is trying to take the complaints seriously. It is also not uncommon for subway perverts to blame the victims; in 2008, a recidivist subway grinder named Freddie Johnson said, "When there's this many attractive women in the city and on the subways, don't they know [this will happen]?"