When the owner of an East Village condo died 12 years ago, two squatters moved in to his old pad, according to the owner's brother Wahid Sharaf, who is now suing the two for trashing the place. The condo is located at 184 East 2nd Street, reports the NY Post, and Sharaf says the illegal tenants did $70K worth of damage, causing him to sell it for way below the $900K market price.

The former condo-board president, Raymond Sotnychuk, and a man named Humberto Abenoza allegedly took the condo without permission—though Abenoza claims he saved the condo from foreclosure (by paying off debts) with Sharaf's permission. Eventually Sharaf won the condo back, and he is now suing the men for a total of $273K.

So, what do you think $70K in damages to a luxury condo looks like?