Last month, Salvatore Perrone—a.k.a. "John Doe Duffle Bag"—was arrested and charged with killing three Brooklyn store owners. Perrone made a very bizarre appearance to plead not guilty to first and second degree murder charges in Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday. According to the Post, a grinning Perrone kept shouting during the arraignment, to the point that the judge ordered a psyche evaluation, noting he was either “disruptive, confused, or bizarre.” Members of the victims families were not amused: "I wanted to reach him. I wanted to get my hands on him," said Mourad (Moe) Gebeli, son of Perrone's first alleged victim, Mohammed Gebeli.

During his court appearance, the Staten Island resident repeatedly interrupted the proceedings by demanding to see his "real" lawyer: “Excuse me, your honor. This man is not my attorney. I have not been given any access to the outside world,” he demanded loudly. “Everything has been taken from me - my money, my personal cell phone.” He said at another point, “How do I reach my attorney? Are we in the United States of America?”

The three victims were all older men who owned small Brooklyn clothing stores: Mohamed Gebeli, 65, was killed in his store, Valentino Fashion in Bay Ridge, on July 6; Isaac Kadare, 59, was killed on August 2 at amazing 99-cent deals in Bensonhurst; and last Friday, Rahamatollah Vahidipourlast was killed at She-She Boutique in Flatbush.

Perrone, who was described by Ray Kelly as an "independent seller of men’s and women’s apparel who called on small merchants in Brooklyn," allegedly confessed to two of the murders after interrogators pretended to be from the CIA. His neighbors have called him weird, insane and really mean.