Last year police arrested 43-year-old Hugues Akassy after he allegedly raped a date in Riverside Park. Soon after the arrest a number of other woman (including an assistant DA) came forward to say that the native Frenchman had sexually assaulted them or attempted to. Since then, the self-styled TV reporter has been remanded to jail and apparently it has not been treating him well. Akassy is trying to get transfered out of Rikers because he says he's been repeatedly assaulted.

Akassy claims that he is being targeted for abuse from both inmates and guards. In one instance, according to Bronx Civil Court papers, he says that a guard "got me out of my cell, off surveillance camera [sic] and several assaulted me, pepperspray [sic] me and kicked me several times on my right ribs."

Not that Akassy's alleged victims seem to mind. The Post caught up with one who told the tabloid, "I guess there is a God then. Because I can’t think of someone else more deluded...and more in need of an ass-kicking."