In Queens court yesterday, jurors heard the tape of the Applebee's waitress setting up her alleged rapist after he texted her for a second date. "Yeah, what's goin', girl? Some police to my sister's crib all lookin' for me...So, you mad at me?" Timothy West asked his victim. She confronted him about breaking into her parents house in Ozone Park, raping her twice by knife-point: "What do you mean, I'm mad at you? Of course, you know, I don't know you like that, and just over here, raping me and everything with a knife in your hand. Damn! What you gotta say about that?"

West told her it was a random heist: "I do apologize from the bottom of my heart. You mad at me?...I can't call you no more?" The 21-year-old waitress agreed to meet him that night at a Dunkin' Donuts in Corona, where cops arrested him. West's lawyers laced into the waitress during cross-examination, and tried to argue that she willingly had sex with West: "Were you drunk? Were you high? Was it because he was your consensual partner and you wanted him to stay?" The waitress responded that she didn't scream or fight him because she was afraid for her life, as well as for her mother and brother who were sleeping in the house.

As one reader suggested, perhaps West was trying to lay the groundwork to claim that they had a consensual relationship (as evidenced by his lawyers line of questioning) by texting the waitress...or maybe he's just a reprehensible criminal idiot.