121508kinggeorge.jpgAll hail the Scofflaw King! NYC's Department of Finance has released their top ten list of individuals with the most unpaid parking tickets, and coming in at number #1 is scofflaw royalty Alexander Khamish (not pictured), who doesn't even reside within the city limits! The Merrick, Long Island native was confronted about his 415 unpaid tickets by the Post yesterday, and he swears it's all just a big misunderstanding: "Basically, someone registered [the offending] vehicles under my name. I knew about this a couple years ago, but I didn't know it [involved an] $80,000 [debt]." A spokesperson for the DMV says they've received no paperwork regarding his allegedly stolen identity. And though Kamish's license is suspended, the Post photographs him getting behind the wheel to go drive to work (and presumably park in a sweet "No Standing" zone in front of the office).