The man arrested for allegedly groping three girls in Park Slope was acquitted last week.

In 2013, police were anxiously searching for a man who had not only groped young girls—grabbing the buttocks of an 11-year-old on 4th Street near 6th Avenue; brushing up against a 10-year-old girl on Fifth Avenue and then rubbing himself on her and grabbing her buttocks, as well as the buttocks of an 11-year-old—but also assaulted an undercover police officer who was questioning him on the street. Jesse Dailey, 34, was caught after some Good Samaritans stopped him after the incident with the police officer (they let him go, but one took a photograph of his ID).

However, when the case finally went to trial recently, Dailey was found not guilty after, the Brooklyn Paper reports, "police bungled the investigation and the evidence against him did not add up to a conviction, according to one juror."

For instance, a police officer apparently showed a photograph of Dailey to a victim before the victim saw Dailey and others in a police line-up. The cop then lied during his testimony, claiming he never showed the picture. The Brooklyn Paper also noted that the only victim who saw the groper's face "did not identify Dailey when asked if her attacker was in the court room."

Juror Alley Olivier—who writes for the Brooklyn Paper—told the publication, "It was a hard decision" to acquit Dailey of the groping charges as well as the assault on the police officer. "We really wanted to see justice done for these girls." She explained, "We didn’t have enough evidence to prove it was Jesse Dailey."