We've all dreamed of becoming pen pals with future bikini-waxer Carl Paladino, but one man claims to have lived the dream. Zach forwarded Gawker a series of angry email exchanges he claims to have had with the Republican gubernatorial candidate. Will this be the Paladino scandal-of-the-week?

In his first message, Zach, who is gay, takes Carl to task for his comments on homosexuality last week: his email begins, "You are a bigoted, homophobic asshole of the first order." He received this response from Paladino's email address: "Learn how to read and don't believe what you read." Then things got even weirder, with "Paladino" eventually asking him, "Did u take your meeds today Zachary?"

Gawker contacted Paladino's camp, and according to campaign manager Michael Caputo, "I don't think this happened; I received no CC. What are "meeds?" (Hilariously, Caputo has a Jerry Garcia quote at the end of his email signature.) It's hard to imagine that Paladino would respond in this manner to a random person, considering everything, but they don't call him Kooky Carl in Taiwan for nothing.