It wasn't all weddings and drum circles at the newly-neutered Zuccotti Park: five Occupy Wall Street protesters (or OWS hangers-on) were arrested in the past three days for reasons ranging from throwing liquid in a cop's face to groping a woman. Most prominently, an alleged protester driving a Budget Truck was arrested during Thursday's "day of action"—and police say he had a .45-caliber handgun and 32 rounds of ammunition in the truck.

We reported on Thursday that police had confiscated the Budget Truck because protesters were allegedly using it to transport tents and chains (see a picture of the truck above). The driver, Joshua Fellows of Youngstown, Ohio, didn't actually explicitly say he was part of OWS; when asked if he was a protester, Fellows replied, "I plead the Fifth."

Cops later tracked Fellows down according to the Post, and found the gun during a search; he was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, arraigned, and was later released. Hopefully that means some defender of the second amendment took up his cause. Or maybe he was a Tea Party member who got lost.

Then yesterday, 22-year-old Zach Breur allegedly groped the breasts and buttocks of a 22-year-old woman. He was charged with two counts of forcible touching. A homeless man cops identified as Michael Doe was busted the same day and charged with criminal mischef after he was spotted tampering with Christmas lights at the park.

A different 52-year-old homeless man was arrested after he allegedly threw an unknown liquid into a cop’s face. And 24-year-old Star Bun was arrested after she refused to listen to cops who wouldn't let her bring her sleeping bag into Zuccotti; she was charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest.

Of course, it's worth noting that except for Bun, there are no particular ties as far as we know between any of the other three people arrested—the two homeless men and Breur—and OWS, besides the fact that they were in the nearby area of Zuccotti Park. Could it be that the NY Post has something against OWS?