The man who is suing the NYPD for $220 million after alleging that cops at the Prospect Park subway station sodomized him with a police baton has been involved in another altercation that left him with a knife wound in his left arm. 24-year-old tattoo artist Michael Mineo was stabbed in Downtown Brooklyn yesterday after telling the suspect to leave Mineo's girlfriend alone. A witness told the News, "The girl let it be known she was bumped and upset. The guy she was with wanted to be chivalrous and went back and forth with the first guy." 41-year-old ex-con Alejandro George was allegedly drunk when he took out a knife and took a swipe at Mineo's kidney but ended up stabbing him in the left forearm. George was arrested and charged with assault. A lawyer for Mineo suggested that George indicated he knew who Mineo was and "threw a couple of epithets" during the altercation. Mineo was treated and released from Kings County Hospital.