The first reports about the alleged robber who killed an elderly nun with his getaway van Tuesday morning said that there were two fugitives in the vehicle, both of whom ran off. But later that day, police arrested the man they say was the only one in the vehicle, Dyson Williams, accusing him of vehicular manslaughter. But Williams insists there was a third man, and denies driving the minivan that killed Sister Mary Celine Graham and injured four others.

The Daily News reached Williams by phone yesterday; speaking to the tabloid from jail, he said, "I just want to own up to what I did, the robbery. They're telling me I got to take 40 years for this... That's not the time I should be doing. I owned up to the robbery I committed, but they're trying to blame me for her murder." Williams did not reveal who this third man is, and a police spokesman says, "There were two suspects, and we have both of them."

Meanwhile, Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio's office is also "actively looking into the issue," of whether cops violated NYPD policy by chasing the minivan at speeds exceeding 60 mph. And according to DNAinfo, Assemblyman Keith Wright is calling for an independent investigation into a crash. At a press conference Wednesday, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "I would consider it appropriate police tactics. It was an unfortunate series of events that caused a nun to lose her life."