The heat is on, the humidity is rising, seems about the perfect time for a good old fashioned tabloid hooker scandal, doesn't it? Well, ask and you shall receive. The News and the Post both ecstatically report today that alleged madam Andrea Schwartz was more then happy to give interviews yesterday from Rikers Island. Even more exciting for the tabs Schwartz, who steadfastly denies that she is either a prostitute or a madam and claims that she was entrapped by the NYPD, seems to have decided that the best thing to do in her position is start naming names of her "sugar daddies." First up, Wayne Pace the Chief Financial Officer at Time Warner.

As Schwartz tells the story she was but a simple poor Brazilian girl with a penchant for older men who liked to give her things. Madam or no, there is no question that this girl has a clear understanding of how to present a story to the media. She told the Post she likes older men because "she never had a father figure as a child", of Pace she said "I met him at the Four Seasons bar. I was looking for someone who could take care of me." Pace and Schwartz supposedly had a very loving, if not necessarilly physical relationship. Pace even, she claims, helped her and her now ex-husband buy an apartment (since sold). Though Schwartz will admit to having lived in an apartment with four call girls, though she swears she never partook in the trade. And when she gets to her arrest, it just keeps getting better:

"He told me he loved me," she said.

Over the course of three months, the cop wooed her with flowers and tried to solicit her, Schwartz said, but she told him she didn't sell sex. When he asked her to, she said, she referred him to another woman.

The undercover cop later asked her to help him score some cocaine for a bachelor party, she said.

"Everybody knows a drug dealer in New York," said Schwartz, who said she's got "200 friends" in the city - no more than 10 of them call girls.

Schwartz called someone who knew a dealer and got the cop his coke. She gave it to him and took his money - an act she says he secretly videotaped with a hidden camera.

"That's entrapment," she said of the episode.

And what about TW's Wayne Pace, what's he got to say about all this? His lawyer has this to say: "He's not saying he doesn't know her ... He had no inappropriate relationship with her ... This is a bimbo who has been arrested."

A bimbo, maybe, but a bimbo who clearly is going to milk this in the press for every drop she can. Let the summer tabloid funs commence!