There was never going to be a real winner in the Kirsten Dunst vs. alleged burglar case. Either millionaire starlet Dunst was going to send someone to jail for 15 years for stealing a purse, or a thief was going to get off with a slap on the wrist. The NY Post is now reporting that 35-year-old Jim Jimenez has been acquitted after playing what they call an "I'm too stupid" card; reportedly submitting letters and grades from his former Special Ed program that backed him up.

After days of deliberating, "the jury could only agree on a misdemeanor trespassing conviction for the special ed dropout from Coney Island charged with taking Dunst's bag from her unlocked penthouse suite at the SoHo Grand two years ago." Even though there was DNA and he was caught on tape, Jimenez claimed he had no idea he was stealing anything; he claimed to have simply took a Nobu takeout bag (which had Dunst's purse in it) when his friend Jarrod Beinerman handed it to him. Earlier this year, Beinerman was sentenced to 4 years behind bars for that act.