Prosecutors yesterday charged 26-year-old Christopher Jackson with murdering his 62-year-old grandmother Rosemary Little on Monday. The charges came after Jackson told police increasingly "bizarre and conflicting statements" as to why "he stuffed a T-shirt inside his grandmother's mouth and secured it with rubber bands to suffocate her before getting high and wolfing down six waffles."

At first Jackson reportedly tried to tell police that his grandmother, who took him in after his mother died, had fallen down the stairs. Then he tried to tell them her identity had been stolen by a younger woman. "I did this to her because of the identities," the 6'2" man explained. "I put a white T-shirt in her mouth to keep her quiet after she fell down the stairs..I got the scratches on my head when I was cleaning the house."

According to prosecutors Jackson got in a fight with Little, a legal secretary, around 8 a.m. on Monday over his pot smoking. The fight got heated and at some point Jackson stuffed shirts in Little's mouth and held it shut with rubber bands used to keep cabinets closed. When Little's sister, who lives in the building, eventually found her in the basement closet, Little's wrists were bound with duct tape and she was wrapped in a blanket.

"This is a sad case in which a vibrant woman's life was allegedly taken far too soon by a young man who in the process ended up throwing away the rest of his own life," Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. It really is.