Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny who apparently killed two of the three children she took care of, has not been charged for the Thursday crime. The NY Times reports that it's because she's been intubated (she stabbed herself after allegedly stabbing a two-year-old boy and six-year-old girl). Police spokesman Paul Browne said, "We wouldn’t charge a hospitalized suspect under these circumstances until an interview was conducted after consulting with doctors on the subject’s conditio. Obviously an interview can’t take place when somebody’s intubated."

Police say that on Thursday night, Marina Krim returned to her Upper West Side apartment at 57 West 75th Street with her three-year-old daughter Nessie because Ortega failed to appear with Leo, 2, and Lucia, 6 at a dance studio as planned. Krim ended up finding her children's bodies in the bathroom, in a bloody tub, and Ortega apparently turned a kitchen knife on herself. Leo and Lucia were pronounced dead at the hospital, and Ortega has been unresponsive since.

The killings has left the Krim's family as well as Ortega's family stunned. The children's paternal grandparents have been telling media how well Marina and Kevin Krim treated Ortega—"like gold"—while Ortega's sister and friends say that Ortega loved the kids. Ortega's sister in the Dominican Republic, Miladys Ortega, mentioned how the Krims visited her, staying at her home with Yoselyn, "We still can’t believe she did this to people she loved so much."

Police and Ortega's friends say that she seemed to have financial worries lately. Miladys Ortega told the AP, "Yoselyn always was a normal person. When she was a child, she played, always played a lot. We would go into the countryside. As an adult, she dedicated herself to working. She was always working." She also told the Post that her sister's 17-year-old son Jesus said, "Auntie, I know it couldn’t have been my mother. Those kids were like my brother and sister," and apparently Marina Krim referred to Jesus as another of her children.

Kevin Krim reportedly messaged friends, "Thanks for your concern. Nessie woke up this morning and is doing fine. We're obviously heartbroken."