It appears we spoke too soon when we declared the streets of New York City safe at last. The man who was allegedly caught stealing an iPhone 4 thanks to a nifty app called iGotYa, is denying that the photo is of him, and his family has produced photos to prove it. "This is embarassing," Brian Chattoo's mother tells the Daily News, which provides a photo of Chattoo. "That's not my son." Might as well go whole-hog with this Orwellian technology and hook iGotYa up with the NYPD's facial recognition technology.

A police officer recognized the photo and believed it was Chattoo, who stated in court that he ran from them because "I had a bag of weed in my pocket." The 23-year-old has 14 arrests on his record, but states "I don't do robberies." Does he think he bears any resemblance to the thief? "It looks a little like me," Chattoo reportedly told authorities, but pointed out that the scar over his left eye isn't the same as the man in the photo's. Chattoo's sister also added that her brother's eyebrows aren't as bushy: "He does them himself."

Chattoo pled not guilty, and wasn't picked out of a lineup for the theft. The Daily News also showed the woman whose phone was stolen (and has yet to be recovered) a picture of Chattoo and said it wasn't the same man. Chattoo remains in jail on a previous DWI offense, and his attorney states "it's a case of 'I got the wrong guy.'" Not so for the developers of iGotYa: sales have reportedly quadrupled.