The man arrested for allegedly groping an 18-year-old woman in Sunset Park Monday night has reportedly confessed to police, and apparently he's wanted for a similar incident in Chinatown in 2007. Police sources tell Murray Weiss at DNAinfo that Adolfo Martinez, 26, blamed his alleged perversion on a car accident that sparked "urges." Martinez reportedly told investigators during questioning, "I have a problem. I get these little urges... This is all I do." Another source tells Weiss that Martinez said, "I do this sometimes."

The Post reports that Martinez was arrested for allegedly grabbing a 26-year-old woman’s buttocks as she walked to the subway near Chrystie and Grand Streets one evening in 2007. He was arrested and charged with forcible touching and sex abuse, but he missed two subsequent court appearances and a warrant was issued for his arrest. It's unclear exactly how he avoided arrest, but his brother tells the Post that Martinez is "a Mexican immigrant who cuts fish at a Chinatown market" and regularly travels to Mexico.

Other women who have been victims of sexual assaults in Brooklyn are being called in to see if they pick Martinez out of a lineup. (A source tells DNAinfo Martinez "has scars over much of his body and had a deep gash at the base of his neck from a tracheotomy.") But investigators don't seem to think he's responsible for the string of assaults that have terrorized women in the area. Though Martinez fits the description, police say at least three other men may be perpetrating the attacks, which range from groping to attempted rape to, in one case, rape.

The NYPD continues to circulate sketches of possible suspects, and at least five have been released so far, which some local residents find troubling. "I've seen about six or seven different photographs," area man Frank Cassara tells WPIX. "I don't know if they're the same person. They don't look like one another." And Lisa Friel, former head of the sex crimes unit in Manhattan’s District Attorney’s Office, tells WNYC, "It’s hard to know with sketches whether that means there’s three different people. Or are we talking about sketches being different because of people’s ability to articulate and describe who they saw?"