A father and son drag racing duo who allegedly caused a crash in the Lincoln Tunnel earlier this year were arrested this week, after cops discovered dashcam footage of the incident on Instagram.

According to Port Authority Police, Chadwick Quinones, 25, and his 44-year-old father Fred Ordine—both of Hewitt, NJ—were racing their Corvettes through the tunnel's north tube on February 9th when one of vehicles spun out, causing a multi-vehicle crash. No injuries were reported.

After initially fleeing, Quinones returned hours later and received a summons for leaving the scene and careless driving—but not for drag racing. That would've been that, had the 25-year-old simply kept the stunt to himself.

Instead, authorities say that Quinones posted dashcam footage of the crash to Instagram this month, which showed both him and his 44-year-old father speeding dangerously through the tunnel. (It's since been deleted, but lives on in reposts from other accounts).

Police reopened their investigation after finding that footage, and on Tuesday, Quinones and Ordine were charged with reckless endangerment, illegal speed contest, and reckless driving. The Manhattan District Attorney will prosecute the case.

"We are committed to tracking down people who commit this type of reckless behavior and prosecuting them," said Port Authority Police Chief Detective Matthew Wilson. "In doing so, we hope to deter others from doing the same."

The Manhattan District Attorney will handle the prosecution.