The esteemed physician accused of drugging and then sexually assaulting a patient at Mt. Sinai Hospital has turned himself into authorities.

Dr. David Newman was seen walking into the NYPD's Special Victims Unit with his lawyer this morning, and is expected to be charged with three counts of felony first-degree sex abuse."

A 22-year-old woman alleged that when she was at Mt. Sinai on January 11, a nurse had given her various medications, including morphine, for shoulder pain. The patient took off her shirt and bra and put on a gown for an X-ray. According to the Daily News sources, "Newman walked into her room following the X-ray.... 'I’m going to give you a shot of morphine,' the doctor told her, according to sources familiar with the woman’s claims. The patient says she told the doctor that a nurse had already administered the drug, but she then felt a burning sensation in her arm that convinced her that Newman gave her more morphine anyway."

The visit turned creepy when the patient, while the doctor was examining her back, told him she felt pain on the right side of her chest. Newman started fondling her breasts, she alleged, according to sources.

The doctor then moved her bed away from the wall and positioned himself with his back toward the patient. The woman heard the sounds of someone masturbating — and then felt semen on her face, she claimed.

All the while, she was unable to move because she was heavily medicated, sources said.

Newman allegedly wiped some of the semen off her face, but when the patient woke up, she apparently found more on her face and chest and wiped it off with her gown. She then saved the blanket and gown.

Newman, an Iraq War veteran and emergency doctor who has given Ted Talks and contributed to the NY Times op-ed section, had been barred from seeing patients at Mt. Sinai during the investigation. He was not immediately arrested because authorities were awaiting results of a DNA test.

Mt. Sinai Hospital said, "The physician has been suspended from Mount Sinai pending the outcome of the investigation, and we continue to cooperate fully with the appropriate authorities. He has not provided care to patients at Mount Sinai since the investigation began. We take the nature of these allegations very seriously and continue to conduct our own extensive internal inquiry. The health and safety of our patients are our primary concern. Since this is a police matter, we cannot provide further details."