Police have identified the man who attacked two men with a chair in a Chelsea Dallas BBQ earlier this month as Bayna El-Amin, 41. The chair beat-down, which was caught on cell phone camera, was the culmination of a brawl between the men and the suspect. The victims called it a gay-bashing and said the chair-wielder called them "white f-----s," but El-Amin is rumored to be gay himself.

Whatever his sexuality, police said El-Amin has a hefty rap sheet, having logged 18 arrests in several states for charges including assault, shoplifting, drug possession, credit-card fraud, drug possession, forgery, and possession of stolen property, DNAinfo reported. The charges are on file in Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Alabama and New Jersey, with just two in New York, according to the website.

The NYPD's Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said El-Amin is likely on the lam.

“He is a career criminal," Boyce told the Daily News. "We believe he has fled the state.”

As we wrote previously, the fight began when two men accidentally knocked over a drink as they were leaving the restaurant, which led to a verbal confrontation with the other table, which then became physical. The Police Department is investigating the attack as a hate crime. A short Instagram video of the brutal chair blow circulated in the days following the fight. It has since been taken down, but lives on through YouTube.