Things just refuse to go well for Lamont Pride, the 27-year-old man accused of killing NYPD Officer Peter Figoski. Even locked up he is getting into trouble. Yesterday, while an estimated 10,000-20,000 people attended Figoski's funeral in Long Island. Pride went and got in a scuffle with a pair of Corrections officers on Rikers Island. And his face got scratched!

According to the Department of Corrections the incident happend while Pride was returning from a routine medical exam. They say Pride "refused to cooperate with a routine search," at which point things got touchy. The DoC says that Pride reacted by elbowing an officer in the face and, when a second officer tried to stop him, he elbowed him as well. Finally the pair overpowered Pride—but not before he suffered a "mild abrasion" on his face.

Pride is now in detention housing and awaits a disciplinary hearing while the fight is under review. But first he is scheduled to appear before a judge later today regarding the first-degree murder charges he faces for allegedly killing Figoski.