A couple more details and one sexy photo have emerged regarding the 25-year-old former Chase Bank financial adviser accused of siphoning over $100K from a millionaire's private account. While Robin Katz sits in Rikers Island on $50,000 bail, the Post is drawing from a bountiful stash of photos yanked from Katz's MySpace page. (It's unclear whether the Post grabbed the snapshots before Katz pulled her profile or if the tabloid's shared membership in the Murdoch family of companies yielded extra access.) A police source says that after arresting Katz, investigators found an ATM card and four withdrawal receipts connected to the account of Wall Street broker Dorone Ilan Farber. Auditors say Katz created the extra ATM card in Farber's name, making dozens of withdrawals from his account. Police think she used the money for shopping and partying, but a tipster claiming to be a friend of Katz's since 2005 tells us she saved up enough to put a down payment on a house!