It must be so frustrating to risk your life trying to flee a failed cell phone robbery only to get arrested anyway. Daniel Shinon, an 18-year-old Staten Island man, probably thought he was in the clear when he allegedly ran from the 14th Street PATH station to the next station at 9th Street. But his daring escape plan quickly unraveled when a custodian called the cops.

According to the Port Authority, Shinon had stolen a cell phone from an F train rider today just after midnight as the train pulled into 14th Street. The victim then chased him to the PATH entrance, where Shinon allegedly dropped the phone, jumped the turnstile, and ran down onto the tracks. Having recovered his phone, the victim returned to the F train without reporting the incident—but a worker cleaning the PATH station notified the police.

Power was shut down on the PATH for a half hour during the incident, which ended with PAPD officer Matthew Vogelman arresting Shinon at 9th Street. He's charged with grand larceny, trespass, criminal possession of stolen property, and theft of services (for jumping the turnstile). The good news for Shinon is that he's still breathing. "Honestly, he's lucky he didn't get killed," says Port Authority spokesman Al Della Fave.