Last month, a 16-year-old was hit with two counts of attempted murder and other charges for opening fire on ice skaters at Bryant Park. Now suspect Corey Dunton has apologized to both of his victims, one of whom may never walk again, in a handwritten three-page confession, which you can read in full below. “I never thought I see this day where my life is shattered and I have shattered a young boy’s life as well,” he wrote. “Some or most people might hate me for what I have done. I hate myself as well.”

Cory Dunton Statement

Dunton, who has six prior arrests, allegedly tried to mug 20-year-old Javier Contreras and take his pricey Marmot coat at the ice skating rink on November 9th; innocent bystander, Adonis Mera, 14, was also shot in the back, and he may never be able to walk again. “The prospects don’t seem very optimistic but there is always hope,” said Manhattan Assistant District Attorney James Lin of Mera, who is still hospitalized. “He has no movement below his waist.”

“I am sorry. I apologize to Adonis and his family for being [reckless] and ending [any] dreams or hopes Adonis had in life because in my life I've been careless and blame everyone else for mistakes,” Dunton wrote in the note, in which he accepted full responsibility for the shooting. “I wish I could take it all back turn back time don’t we all...I just hope those two boys recover.”

Dunton also allegedly repeatedly told cops, “I’m going down for this, I f—ked up,” after being arrested for the shooting. According to DNAInfo, Dunton was overheard talking to his mother while in custody: "Ma, it's over. Promise me you'll take care of yourself, promise me."

Adonis's mother was unmoved after part of the note was read in court this week: “I finally got to see the animal who shot my son,” Arislenis Martinez, 44, said. “I wanted to rip his head off...a lot of thoughts went through my mind. I wish I could say them out loud.”