umbrella.jpg According to the Farmers Almanac (founded in 1818 but nostalgic to you because of its presence in your elementary school library pre internet), it's expected to be a bumpy April in the Northeast. Here are a few treats to help you make it through until the official start of flip-flop season.

April 4th-7th: Cold air is expected to move into the east with rain and snow. May we recommend the latest in umbrella technology. Or maybe this patent will finally come to fruition.

April 8th-11th: Showers and thunderstorms. If you haven't bought that trench for the season you could try a more inspired look from Han Solo.

April 12th-15th: Unseasonably warm. Shed the boots (for a few days) and enjoy a new pair of urban sneakers.

April 16th-19th: Potent East Coast storm; possible heavy, wet snow parts of New England; chiefly rain farther south. Remember those boots? least they are on sale now. Or you could invest in the real thing. With the way things are going you'll amortize the cost in no time.

April 20th-23rd: Clear and much milder across the Mid-Atlantic. One word--Layers.

April 24th-27th: Cold shocker! A brief shower, then turning unseasonably cold, but dry. So, if you have any money left over try this absolute necessity...arm warmers.

April 28th-30th: Rain, flakes of wet snow in parts of New England. If this prediction makes you want to jump off a bridge, make sure you're wearing the latest in inflatable clothing.