There will be a candlelight vigil in Union Square park tonight from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., held in memory of the victims of the shooting at a Sikh gurudwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on Sunday. The New York Sikh community is organizing the vigil in solidarity with families and friends of the victims, as part of a "National Day of Remembrance and Solidarity." We're told the event (which is free) is open to people of all backgrounds and faiths.

The Sikh Coalition is currently calling for the attack, which left six victims dead, to be defined as a hate crime. The shooter, Wade Michael Page, frequented white supremacist message boards exhorting fellow racists to become more active and to "stop hiding behind the computer or making excuses," and to recruit others to his cause.

Sapreet Kaur, Executive Director of the Sikh Coalition, says, "It is tragic, but unfortunately not surprising, that the shooter specifically chose a place of worship to commit this massacre. If, as it now seems, hate is confirmed as the motivation for what happened here, it is important that we redouble our collective efforts to build a nation where this type of racial and ethnic hate has no sanction."

(N.B.: No amplified sound, wax candles, or food is allowed on premises. Electronic candles will be used during the vigil. Meet at Union Square and 17th Street.)