Since converting our URL to over two weeks ago, we've found that sometimes there's just too much good Jeremy Lin news than can be fit into one day. Thus, we're proud to bring you our end-of-the-day Lin wrap-up linkstravaganza:

Lindoresements: The Jeremy Lin economy is churning at an ever-faster rate. Besides protecting his trademarking rights, Lin's agent Roger Montgomery revealed that Lin has had thousands of offers for endorsement deals since his meteoric rise to fame over the last 18 days. Sources told the Post that his reps have turned down offers from a wireless phone company as well as a watchmaker, potentially worth “millions of dollars.” “Jeremy doesn’t want to jump into anything,” the source told them. “He wants to sit back and wait and see what suits him. He’s not looking for the quick money. The deals have to be right.”

There's one company he hasn't said no to though: Nike. Nike has already extended their contract with Lin (details are forthcoming), and will soon roll out a new promotional campaign built around him, including a new shoe that features the Knicks' blue and orange and "Lin" on the back of the heel.

Jeremy Lin: The Book: Somehow, someone has already got a Jeremy Lin book in the works. Hachette Book Group says it will be publishing "Jeremy Lin: The Reason for the Linsanity," by Timothy Dalrymple—the book, which is due in stores in May, will chronicle Lin's high school, college and early career in the NBA, while highlighting the media explosion around Linsanity. Hopefully they'll have a lot more material to work with by that point.

The Handshake That Shook The World: First, we were amazed by Lin and Landry Fields' incredibly nerdy handshake ("skimming through book, taking off glasses, then placing inside pocket protector"). Then, it became a minor internet sensation. Now, the Knicks give you a closer look at their not-so-secret pre-game ritual.

Lin Charity: That CharityBuzz Lin auction really worked out in the end. The wife of an Upper West Side lawyer paid $42,388 so that her husband could meet Lin, and take home his game-worn jersey. “I’m overwhelmed beyond words. When [my wife] she told me, I couldn’t breathe,” layer Mitchell Schecter said of his wife's gift to him. “I mean, I’m 58 years old, I’ve been around the block. But this is something, he’s put me [in a state], I feel 14. It’s been that special.”

The Best Lin Signs In The World: For everyone who loved "I Want You LINside Me"—enjoy BestWeekEver's pictoral compilation of The 40 Best Jeremy Lin Signs.

Next Up: The Knicks host the Atlanta Hawks tonight at the Garden. Hopefully they can bounce back after Monday's disappointing loss to the NJ Nets. Carmelo Anthony knows where his priorities lie: "I want Jeremy to have the ball. Hands down. I want him to create for me. I want him to create for Amar'e (Stoudemire). I want him to create for everybody and still be as aggressive as he's been over the past two weeks. I want that."