Now that the World Trade Center's wreckage warship has set sail, it looks like the next 10 days of the USS New York's maiden voyage from the Big Easy to the Big Apple are going to be busy.

The 361-member crew, which roughly 10 percent is New Yorkers, will practice training exercises, perfect helicopter take offs and landings, and best of all - fire the New York's guns for the first time! The ship's captain, Cmdr. Curtis Jones told the Post, "We've all been anxious to finally get going."

The ship marks the first time the Navy has turned a casualty into an instrument of war, Jones added. It's primary mission will be to deploy Marine battalions to the scene of counterterrorism operations.

The New York will pull into Pier 88, right next to the USS Intrepid museum. On Nov. 7, the commissioning ceremony will be held at Pier 86.