The three police officers accused of sodomizing a man inside a Brooklyn subway station were found not guilty this morning by a Brooklyn jury, the Post and City Room are reporting. Despite testimony from a transit cop who says he witnessed the assault, Officer Richard Kern has been acquitted on all counts of sexually assaulting Michael Mineo with his police baton during an arrest in a Brooklyn subway station in 2008. Two other officers, Andrew Morales, 27, and Alex Cruz, 28, were found not guilty of helping cover up the crime.

Those following the trial closely began to suspect last week that the jury might acquit after they asked the judge to define "reasonable doubt," and one juror was replaced after she told others (incorrectly) that Kern had prior convictions for police brutality. (The judge told jurors Kern had been "exonerated" of any previous brutality allegation.) Mineo was not in court as the verdict was read this morning; his civil lawsuit against the city is still pending.