092208crowdmta.jpgFor the past ten months, the MTA has been experimenting with a new management structure on the L and 7 lines that officials hope will improve subway service. But has anyone noticed? Most passengers stopped by the Times say they've seen little change, though one woman believes the L has been slightly less mobbed when it pulls into Lorimer Street during rush hour. The experiment calls for a general manager to take charge of each subway line and make "quick" decisions over train schedules, maintenance of stations, and riders' complaints. NYC Transit president Howard Roberts Jr. says that as a result more trains have been running on time (though the Times questions this) and will roll out the restructuring citywide. Roberts says the managerial streamlining will result in 70 fewer positions and a savings of $7.3 million/year. Which will put the transit system just $993 million away from closing their $1 billion deficit!