It's hard to think of anything more uncomfortable than discussing vibrators and seXXXy Alice in Wonderland costumes with your mother, but for sex shop owner Jimmy Burd, it's all in a day's work: his mother, Ida Burd, runs the West 28th Street business with him, and she told DNAinfo that tag-teaming with him was "the best decision we ever made." Awwwwwww!

Ida Burd, who is in her 80s and has four grandchildren, has apparently owned the shop, now called A&J Lingerie and More (and more), since 1968. Then, though, it was a ladies' dress shop, and probably didn't sell quite as many fishnet bodystockings as it does now. Jimmy Burd helped her run that shop, but it closed down in 2001 because, according to Ida Burd, "women just don’t wear nice dresses anymore."

Luckily, though, they do wear crotchless lace thongs, and so the Burdses' business was reborn as a lingerie and sex toy emporium later that year. "I thought, in hard times, what always sells? Drugs, alcohol and sex," Jimmy Burd told DNAinfo. And boy, do they sell—12 years later, the duo's still going strong, earning some pretty favorable reviews from Yelpers.

Naturally, the Burds don't gift wrap pocket rockets side-by-side, because that would be weird; instead, Ida Burd works in the front room selling lingerie and costumes, and Jimmy Burd works in the slightly more X-rated back room. The two of them don't have a problem working together: "When times are tough, you do what you have to," Jimmy Burd says. (We called the shop to try and get more details about what that means, and Ida told us she couldn't talk because the Daily News was in the store taking photographs.)

And it looks like they're pretty good at what they do, considering Yelpers say the duo's "very knowledgable" and describe Ida Burd as "cute and super friendly," so if you're still trying to find Mom the perfect Mother's Day gift, maybe consider swinging by and picking up a pack of those dual pleasure anal beads you know she's always wanted.