It's been so grotesquely muggy lately that Mother Nature decided to mix things up with a hailstorm!

Temperatures have been hotter than usual this July, with a heat advisory in effect Monday and today. But this afternoon, a cold front moved in to make things interesting for New Yorkers.

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Some people weren't even BOTHERING with umbrellas:

Are people out there truly contemplating taking a one-block Uber trip?

New Yorkers seem to experience weather anew every time something dramatic happens. Or maybe people who work in media are just more interested than most, because it gives them a reason to look up from their computers or phones:

Hail during the summer is not unusual. Accuweather explained, "Hail storms form in cumulonimbus clouds, giant clouds that often cause storms. Cumulonimbus clouds are often present in summer storms. As these clouds rise high into the colder parts of the atmosphere, the water vapor inside them turns to ice crystals."

Further, the updrafts in the cloud may be so strong that the crystals stay in the cloud and get "carried back upwards again, allowing yet more water droplets to freeze onto the now-forming hailstone. A hailstone can go up and down within a cloud a number of times, steadily growing in size. Eventually, the mass of the hailstone will become so large that the cloud can no longer support it, and it falls down to the earth," according to Weatherbug.

This thunderstorm was perfect, because the subways needed a shower:

On the other hand, the rain has made it difficult for people to actually exit the subway—this woman took her shoes off to wade through the subway river:

And what an adorable baby!

Anyway, back to work, everyone: