All attention is on Washington D.C. these few days, with President Bush's second Inauguration on deck. While the White House has its own information (yes, White House, America's Future does Rock - especially when Hillary Duff is performing!), but Gothamist highly recommends you check out DCist's Inauguration section, like how mylar balloons, if launched at the same time, could cause problems for the festivities. Newsday notices that all the big events this weekend are happening out of town - the Inauguration, Donald Trump's wedding - and you know what, Gothamist is okay with that. We're a little tired of events taking over our streets and will let Bernie Kerik take care of celebrating - we hear he's good at having a fine time.

Here's the NY Times' Inauguration special, and the AP answered some Inaugural questions. And it seems the folks at animals on the underground, the site dedicated to finding new ways to appreciate the London Tube map, have found a bald eagle in the midst.