A jury has voted to dismiss all charges against the McDonald's cashier who used a metal rod to beat up two customers who slapped him and then jumped over the counter at the West Village location in October. According to DNAInfo, the jury agreed that 31-year-old Rayon McIntosh was acting in self-defense during the altercation on October 13. "Over the last 11 days the grand jury considered the evidence and voted to dismiss in the interest of justice," Assistant District Attorney Jaime Mendoza said. "We ask Mr. McIntosh be freed."

McIntosh, who served ten years for the manslaughter death of a friend in 2000, had been charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon for using the metal rod to hit Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards; Darbeau's skull was fractured, and she may have brain damage. The fight started when Darbeau tried to pay for their food with a $50 bill, and McIntosh wanted to check the authenticity, as was store policy. The two women allegedly taunted McIntosh, calling him a "bitch ass n--ga," and saying "your mother's a bitch."

McIntosh said in an interview that Darbeau spat at him, threatened to "cut me up," came across the counter and slapped him. When Edwards jumped across to join in, McIntosh says instinct kicked in: "I was being attacked by aggressive people I didn't know," said McIntosh. "I was just defending myself. They came in and went crazy on me." You can see the rest of the incident play out in the video below:

Harold Baker, the lawyer for one of Darbeau, said the grand jury's decision was "not morally justified, or legally acceptable." He added: "We're shocked and dismayed that this vicious criminal's charges are being dismissed. It's a miscarriage of justice."