2008_07_mclovin.jpgTwo years after 18-year-old New Jersey resident Jennifer Moore was raped and killed after a drunken night at Guest House, the Post checks in on the Chelsea club scene and finds it as decadent as ever. Robberies and assaults are up, and last week "the club-lined block between 10th and 11th avenues was rampant with drunken teens and twenty-somethings stumbling around, vomiting and collapsing." Also, no I.D. = no problem! "At the very club where Moore was served, a young woman wasn't even carded at the door last week…‘For a while, it was harder,’ said Alan Rogers, 20 of Hoboken, NJ. ‘Last year, I saw a lot of smokin' girls turned away. This year, not as many. Which is sweet.’” High five?