Online, the Post's cover headline for the terrible West Virginia mining accident is "CHAOS" to mark the tragedy of twelve of the thirteen miners being found dead. But on our subway commute, we were momentarily confused when we saw a Post with the headline "ALIVE!" Clearly, at least some of the print run was printed after the original, mistaken announcement that the miners were found alive. UPDATE: It seems the Daily News made the same mistake! The problems with going to press during an evolving news story (long live the Internet?)!

UPDATE: Gawker points out the NYTimes front page says the miners are found alive...but the print version we saw said they were alive based on family members claims. The difference is between the NYC front page (wrong above the fold on the left) and national front page (wrong based on family reports and below the fold). Or, the difference is whether or not your newspaper delivery route is in Brooklyn or Manhattan, home delivery or newstand. Discuss!

Did anyone else see the Post or Daily News print covers? Take a photograph and either email it to or put it on Flickr with the tag "gothamist." And another great moment in Post cover history: Saying Kerry was going to choose Dick Gephardt as a running mate for the 2004 presidential election.