Beautiful sunset last night as a cool and dry air mass displaced the clouds. That same air mass will give us clear blue skies and a high near 65 this afternoon. Speaking of high, at least one person thinks there's a chance of alien encounters today. In the unlikely event of that occurring we predict panic and widespread soiling of undergarments. If you take any pictures of spaceships hovering over New York today, be sure to to upload them to Flickr and tag them 'gothamist'!

Tomorrow looks to be a completely different weather beast. A couple of upper-level shortwaves are racing toward the coast from the Great Lakes. They will provide lots of energy to pull surface air upwards, producing a rapidly intensifying storm off the Delaware coast Thursday night. Be prepared for rain as early as tomorrow afternoon and strong easterly winds and heavy rain tomorrow night into Friday.

'Live fast, die young' will likely be this storm's motto. At the same time it is pulling all sorts of humidity from the Gulf of Mexico to fuel itself, the storm will also be sucking in cold, dry Canadian air that will quickly kill it. Friday is shaping up to be windy and chilly with temperatures remaining in the 50s and showers lingering through the day. More wind is in store for Saturday but Sunday should be a pleasant autumn day.