Buzzkill Aldrin! Aliens don't exist... or do they? While the lamestream media is reporting that NASA's arsenic-loving bacteria do exist, they're not space aliens... or new to Earth... and were, in fact, deliberately manipulated in a lab by scientists. The outcome is still interesting though, as Boing Boing notes, the "bacteria can not only eat arsenic, they can use it in their DNA—completely replacing phosphate, which is one of those chemicals we thought was necessary for life to happen."

We all know that in order to find the real truth about what's happening out there, however, one must dig deeper into the Google machine, and find the conspiracy theorist message boards and blogs with black backgrounds, bold white letters, and ALL CAPS when situation demands.

Over at Above Top Secret they declared in anticipation: "Okay... this is it people. We all know disclosure must begin on a small level before TPTB will admit to the presense [sic] of intelligent extraterrestrial life. I wonder if the ETs are pushing their hand a bit to bring about this announcment [sic]." Interesting. Discuss among yourselves... and never forget THE BALLOONS.