Brooklyn beach-goers were treated to a little something extra on Saturday, as a plane pulling a banner of swastikas flew over Brighton and Manhattan Beaches.

The banner, displaying the text and images “卐 + ☮ = ❤,” is part of an annual effort by the Pro Swastika Alliance, an offshoot of the Raelian Movement. Raelians believe that life on Earth was scientifically created by extraterrestrials known as the Elohim, and that these beings often drop in on us to keep tabs and say what's up to a few prophets. Raelians also support human cloning through their aptly named company Cloneaid.

And now you know.

According to a press release, the Saturday flyby was actually the final action in a week-long celebration of the swastika.

"We decided we need an entire week to really get the word out," said Raelian Guide Thomas Kaenzig. "Swastika Rehabilitation Week began on July 5, and we've already held events in about 20 cities in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and South America. This weekend we'll hold events all over North America, including the United States and Canada."

The company attempted to buy ad space on a large billboard in Canada but were told their message was too offensive. Shocker!

Kaenzig goes on to say that the symbol remains popular in "NYC subway stations and museums, in the old U.S. mint, at the Garfield Monument, and in Native American artwork."

This is not the first time the group has pulled such a stunt. Last year a plane could be seen flying over Manhattan, across the Jersey Shore and across Long Beach Island with a similar banner.

Locals were understandably outraged by the flyby, including councilmember Mark Treyger, who represents Coney Island and part of Brighton Beach. Treyger spoke with Sheepshead Bites about the incident.

“It is absolutely disgusting and an egregious act of hate and intolerance. Whatever this hate group is, it’s an unacceptable act. I’ve asked the police department to investigate how this happened and how it came to be,” he said.