Last night, Alex Rodriguez hit his 599th home run during a seventh inning pitch from Robinson Tejada of the Kansas City Royals. He said of his at-bat, "The fans really got into it. I saw the light bulbs go off and took the first pitch to refocus my eyes... I was a little excited." Of course, the Post points out that there were eight games between A-Rod's 499th and 500th home runs, so who knows when he'll hit 600.

The slugger commented about how his life has changed since his 500th home run (you know, besides the steroids admission, a public break-up and then much-gossiped about relationships with famous women):

"I am enjoying the game more than I ever have. I get more enjoyment out of the little things, playing a team game, not trying to do too much. After winning a world championship with this team, there really is no comparison between a team accomplishment and a personal accomplishment. Those are nice but I have much better perspective.

"Nothing is as exciting as what happened last November. Early in my career, I love winning and was hoping to win, but it was about accumulating numbers and hoping you got to the postseason. Now, it's just about one goal and along the way you hope to get big home runs to help us win."

He added

, "I'm having fun. I'm going to hit it."