Hey, even though many parts of New York City are more focused on recovering from Hurricane Sandy, Tuesday is still Election Day. Which means that people without cars or connections to transportation will have to figure out a way to polling sites. Oh, and some polling sites have changed because some schools are being used as shelters—which means 143,000 voters will be displaced. So please look at this list of polling site changes!

The Board of Elections has them listed in this PDF; we've also embedded the document below—for instance, Park Slope residents who would vote at John Jay High School on 7th Avenue now have to go to PS 282 on 6th Avenue. Everyone can check where they vote with the NYC BOE Where To Vote Locator Site or by calling 1.866.VOTE.NYC.

Poll Site Change Post Sandy

Of course, this comes on top of voting site changes announced after the primary (see this PDF) because the primary was so confusing. Mayor Bloomberg is not very confident in the Board of Elections—he's called them "dysfunctional" before and in his remarks today, he said:

Over the next day, it’s going to be critical that the Board of Elections communicate this new information to their poll workers. Unfortunately, as you know, the Board has had a history of not opening all poll sites on time, and they’re going to work hard to make sure that poll workers and voters know where they’re supposed to go on Election Day.

As you know, the Mayor’s Office does not run the Board of Elections. I’ve always believed that the Board of Elections should be overhauled to increase its accountability and efficiency.

The fact that the Board has been unable to agree on selecting a new executive director for two years shows just how dysfunctional it is. The difficulties they’ve had in planning for Tuesday I think further underscores that.

In other words, when you have a shitty voting experience, don't blame him!