Actor, future Academy Awards co-host, and friend of Pat Kiernan, Alec Baldwin was rushed to Manhattan’s Lenox Hill hospital early this morning. Baldwin was at his Central Park West apartment when his 14-year-old daughter allegedly found him unresponsive—believing he overdosed, she called 911. He was treated just after midnight, and released about an hour later.

According to the NY Post, the call came in as a “possible alcohol or drug overdose,” however sources say alcohol wasn't involved, and he "may have swallowed some sleeping pills."

Meanwhile, a law enforcement official who spoke anonymously to the Associated Press says that Baldwin and his daughter had argued, and she told 911 he had threatened to take pills. Surely TMZ is clearing up all of these conflicting reports right this very second.

Last year in an interview with Playboy, Baldwin did talk about contemplating suicide after that voicemail to his daughter leaked. He told the magazine, "I spoke to a lot of professionals who helped me... If I committed suicide [Basinger's side] would have considered that a victory." As for today, a rep told US that he's "completely fine" and "will be at work."