Actor Alec Baldwin pled guilty to a reduced charge of harassment in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday morning.

Baldwin was arrested on November 2nd outside his Greenwich Village home after he allegedly pushed a man who took a parking space that one of Baldwin’s relatives was holding for the actor. The 49-year-old victim went to a hospital complaining of jaw pain.

Wearing a dark shirt, a dark purple scarf and glasses, Baldwin, 60, pled guilty to harassment in the 2nd degree which is a violation, not a crime.

Assistant District Attorney Ryan Lipes said the people had an opportunity to review video of the incident and to speak with witnesses.

As a condition of the plea, Baldwin must complete a short anger management program.

Criminal Court Judge Herbert Moses asked Baldwin a series of questions, concluding with, “Are you pleading guilty because you are guilty?”

Baldwin paused momentarily before answering, “Yes.”

Alec Baldwin at court on January 23, 2019 (Jefferson Siegel / Gothamist)

At his arraignment last November, Lipes said the original charges of assault and harassment were now being downgraded to attempted assault and harassment. Lipes read a statement Baldwin made at the time of arrest.

“He’s an asshole. He stole my spot. I did push him,” Baldwin told the arresting officer, according to the Voluntary Disclosure Form.

Baldwin's attorney Alan Abramson read to the court a statement on Baldwin’s behalf at the arraignment.

“Mr. Baldwin is a public figure whose reputation has been damaged by media reports that claim that he punched a man on a New York City Street.

“There is incontrovertible video evidence that has been turned over to the District Attorneys office that proves beyond all doubt that Mr Baldwin never punched anyone,” Abramson continued. "Mr. Baldwin did not commit any crime and we are confident that once this matter is fully investigated it will be resolved swiftly and appropriately in court."

Baldwin and Abramson did not speak as they left the courthouse. However, Baldwin soon started tweeting about his guilty plea: