And by "you," we mean New York's Finest. Reader Graham tipped us off to a empty storefront at Grand and Crosby that has been wrapped in this Albuquerque Police Department recruiting ad; he sent the picture and said, "It pretty much speaks for itself." Sure does - it tells us there was no empty ad space right across from 1 Police Plaza.

The Patrolman's Benevolent Association has been complaining about low police pay (new recruits get $25,100), but some say the union's head has been undermining the issue. In Albuquerque, a patrolman second class will get over $38,000 (including bonus) a year after graduating; more APD pay here, and maximum pay is just over $50,000 (we don't think it includes a bonus). NYPD pay does jump from $25,100 to $32,700 once Police Academy is over and it maxes out at $59,000, not including overtime.